Monday, 2 December 2013

Extremist sit down and shut up.

I can't take it anymore and I am no longer going to stand idle while my religion is being invaded by the deaf, dumb and the blind. Islam is one of the most non compelling, secular ideology on the face of the planet. But today we have cretins within our community which are promoting a religion of their own. A religion I barely recognise.

These boneheads try making things halal(non sinful) and haram (sinful) as if they were partners with Allah swt. For anything to be mandated as halal or haram there must be evidence of it from within the Holy Quran. Allah swt is the only one that is able to dictate to us Muslims what is lawful and what is not. "And do not say, concerning the falsehood which your tongues utter, 'This is halal and that is haram,' in order to fabricate a lie against Allah; assuredly those who fabricate a lie against Allah will not prosper." Quran Surat (16:116)

This is one of many verses which stipulate the same thing ONLY Allah swt can judge matters of religious laws. "Surely We have revealed the Book to you with the truth that you may judge between people by means of that which Allah has shown you; and be not an advocate on behalf of the treacherous."  Quran Surat (4:105)

Lets take for example the niqab (face vale). On a scholarly level they are clearly confused. The answer to why there is much confusion and debate is because there is no such law, simple as that and hence the blind following and spreading of falsehood begins to go viral. 

I am not going to be politically correct anymore and I will call sisters that ''choose'' to wear niqab (face cover) in western societies as just plain dumb and always seem to have little to absolute no knowledge about Islamic history or fundamentals. 

The irony of these twisted individuals is that they claim to be staunch followers of Islam but yet hold onto the freedoms of religion and freedoms of speech, a western privilege afforded to them, while simultaneously believing its haram and against the religion to be part of democratic country/process. "It is necessary upon a Muslim to listen to and obey the ruler, as long as one is not ordered to carry out a sin. If he is commanded to commit a sin, then there is no adherence and obedience. (Sahih al-Bukhari, no. 2796 & Sunan Tirmizi)".   Hypocritical much? In Islam there is no freedom to change the laws of Allah swt these laws can only be found in the Holy Quran. Up til now no single individual learned or not can state that the Quran mandates niqab. If so i challenge them to bring it forth the evidence for it being a fard.

Even the hadith(prophetic narrations) that some use to support the positions are ambiguous in nature and do not give any definite answer on wearing a face cover. I am not interested in debating hadith although there are numerous ahadith that can counter the pro niqab pushers stance. Debating hadith is counter productive and wasting our precious time. While people are looking at man made conjecture as proof to defend their deluded perceptions we are forgetting the most valuable thing which is the Holy Quran.
"And the messenger said: 'My Lord, my people have deserted this Quran.'" (The Qur'an 25:30)


  1. Last I looked, the meaning of secular is that which is not connected to religion or spiritual matters. Its synonyms include the words temporal, worldly, earthly and profane. I therefore do not understand how you can blatantly claim that Islam is one of the most secular ideologies in the planet.

    This is your blog and you can write whatever and however you want. Islam, however, cautions Muslims to not call other Muslims names, ie., dumb, bonehead, twisted individual. It is a shame that you have joined the non-Muslims in their hatred and judging of other Muslims from a piece of cloth that they cover their faces with. "I will call sisters that ''choose'' to wear niqab (face cover) in western societies as just plain dumb and always seem to have little to absolute no knowledge about Islamic history or fundamentals. "

    Here's a link to a translation from a book a great scholar and muhaddith where he puts proofs forward that the niqaab is NOT obligatory. There is nothing there though that state that those who do choose to wear it are dumb, boneheads and twisted individuals who know nothing even of the basics of their deen. Quite a read, but this if Allah wills, will give those who want to oppose those who wear the niqaab a more educated, less emotional take on the issue.

  2. Firstly i used the term secular because in Islam there is no compulsion in religion. And by this fact alone this means even in Islamic states religion can not be enforced on governmental levels. Also Allah swt has granted all life on earth free will. And no one can take such an inherit right on either a state or social level. Maybe i did not use the term in the most correct and current manifestation of the term. But its okay i got you to read it and respond which means it was successful. Lastly i say those that insist on making things fard and halal and harram etc based on their preconceived notions and not determined by Allah swt then they are no longer considered Muslim and fall out of the fold of Islam. I was really upset when i wrote this because I learned a school of extremist individuals are running youth events and teaching them things like the niqab being a FARD. Which it is certainly not. I do not like to call people names. But those that associate them self with Allah swt's authority deserve more then my petty ridicule. Thanks for your feedback much appreciated. Salam

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